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ECVET goes Business project

The aims of the ECVET goes Business project are to:

  • develop an approach, making ECVET and European transparency instruments relevant for regular human resource processes of companies,
  • therefore providing materials and information in a format and language, that human resource managers, shop stewards, business owners and fore workers can understand and use,
  • thereby increasing the demand for transparency instruments at company level as well as
  • broadening and mainstreaming the use of ECVET by focusing on the business world and at the same time
  • feeding the opinions and needs of companies into the discussion on the ECVET implementation.

Therefore, a handbook with language that is used by companies and in human resource theory, translating VET terminology and education theory into business terminology will be developed. Referring to classical human resource processes within companies, it will offer support and solutions where ECVET and transparency instruments can be used, embedding the tools to single identified human resource processes. As well, a short term and comprehensive training programme for the target groups on how to use ECVET and transparency instruments will be set up.

The main target groups of ECVET goes Business are

  • HR managers / HR staff of companies,
  • job/shop stewards,
  • supervisors,
  • line managers,
  • social partners and
  • wider stakeholders.

The steps that will be taken in order to achieve these are to

  • implement an introductory research study, as we want to develop products that meet the needs and requirements of all target groups,
  • develop a human resource handbook, taking into account the key processes of human resource management and offer support for the usage of the European Credit Transfer System of Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) and transparency instruments by embedding specific tools and
  • set up a training programme for the target groups, providing practical access to the application of ECVET and transparency instruments within daily human resource management processes.