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Within the project framework we will develop three main products, making them accessible to the general public.

Research Study
As the first output of the project, a research study is implemented in all partner countries, aiming at

  • finding out about the key human recourse processes in organisations and companies where ECVET and European transparency instruments can be embedded,
  • activating the target groups to raise interest in the project and it’s outputs, at the same time engage them with the topics as well as
  • building a good background and basis for the development of the main products, meeting the needs and requirements of all target groups.

Human resource management handbook
As the core output of the ECVET goes Business project, this will be a comprehensive reference book for the target groups to support them in their daily human resource activities and tasks. Therefore, a focus is on

  • the language used in the handbook, translating VET terminology and education theory to a business terminology,
  • referring to the classical human resource processes within companies and organisations and
  • providing approaches where ECVET and transparency instruments can give support in general.

Training course for human resource staff
As the third core output of the project, a two day training course for human resource staff, basing on the research results and the developed content for the reference book, will be developed, offering

  • the chance for a face to face programme, including discussions about instruments, cases and possible solutions,
  • learning material especially developed and fitting in the
  • curriculum structure with learning unites and trainer guidelines.